Presentation is not an afterthought, it’s the guiding thought.

The most important element during a presentation is you. You are the one that the audience is concentrating on. You convey who you are based on your body language, your speech, and your overall mannerism. Every gesture, movement, or even a facial expression you use reflects your personality. So it is important for you to know which gestures or movements you usually do and what should be avoided.  However, the most important thing is fo

Only easy day was Yesterday

Our everyday lives bring about new challenges both in professional & personal front, how we prepare and deal with it-makes all the difference. While we are no life gurus-we can definitely help you in succeeding in your sales career by following these simple steps: # Discipline The most ignored rule-Be on time, cleanly dressed and polish that attitude before you go. Arriving 15 minutes early can help you of not having arrived on time most of the t