Growth Acceleration

An on-demand direct sales force that you can activate instantly in any location to increase your brand presence.


Quality Representation

Our quality checks insure our trained Growth Specialist is representing your brand in the best possible manner.


Lean Model

Eliminate the cost and risk of hiring in-house employees.


  • Market Trials

    We help you explore new markets without spending on recruitment and training.

  • Increased Sales

    Have a Growth Specialist personally meet and close sales with new customers.

  • Field support

    We provide on-the-ground support, even in remote locations that may be out of your reach.

  • Real time feedback

    You will be able to follow your progress live, and to gather valuable market specific feedback through our integrated dashboards.

  • Quick go-to market

    Our unique method will provide you with new customers in a matter of days.

  • Best sales talent

    We understand need of an expert when it comes to sales. Our screening modules ensure that only the best sales team comes on board.


No fixed costs. No long term contracts.

We only charge for acquired customers.

Let’s get started

Just tell us your requirements and our Growth Leader will get in touch with you.


  • We act as growth specialist and customer acquisition solution for leading brands.
  • We have built an infrastructure for growth, giving you freedom to grow at any market at any time.
  • We put a huge on-demand direct sales force at your fingertips - connecting you to local decision makers that are hard to reach.
  • You are an innovative brand and one of the leaders in your category. We are highly selective in regards to who we work with and appreciate brands with similar values.
  • You have an interest to reach new geographical regions and increase presence.
  • Customer Acquisition is one of your key priorities - with focus on high acquisition speed at a reasonable cost.
We offer a plug and play solution for customer acquisition - fast, risk free and with high quality
  • Customer Acquisition with no risk - we only charge for approved new customers, no fixed cost or any hidden fees.
  • Simple and Global Solution - After an initial meeting we handle everything from lead generation to sales. You can start receiving new customers from any location pan India within days.
  • Fast market penetration - we have a large built up database of venues including information in regards to what online services they are looking for, enabling fast and accurate targeting.
  • Brand expansion - we select the right brand representation and spread the word about your brand in the way you want. We offer full transparency and continuous feedback from every brand representation situation.
  • Market Trials - We provide you with market intelligence making explicit; What products work well in what markets? What the most common objections are? What the suggested improvements are?
  • We agree on products to sell and terms of our co-operation (offer to promote, allocated contact person, payment and sign-up flow etc.)
  • We go through your brand positioning and make your solution available for growth specialist according to your preferences (age, review score, type of seller, experience etc.) and target group (size of place, niche etc.)
  • We set up your unique landing page with product information (key selling points, pricing etc.) and interactive training.
  • Approved specialist are able to go out promoting and selling your product.
Correct brand representation is of highest importance for us and we work with several parallel process to ensure this:
  • Screening of new Growth Specialist - We are selective in regards to approving new specialist, that go through extensive online trainings and tests. Each applicant is also going through a live video interview for final approval.
  • Matching of Specialist and Brands - As a brand you can select what type of Growth Specialist (experience level, ambassador score etc.) what you want to make your solution available for. We are also working with automatic matching algorithms to secure that there is a good fit.
  • Follow up on each visit - Every visit is followed up by our in-house co-ordinator that rate and collect feedback.
  • Specialist Score - Each Growth Specialist has a Specialist score that is continuously updated based on performance.
Avenue Growth is an efficient way to accelerate growth with low risk and high quality. We handle everything from lead generation to sales and provide added values connected to branding and market intelligence. It is a complement, not a substitution, to your in-house sales solution.
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