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The 4 Sales Killer

  • By Admin
  • February 20, 2017

The Autopilot Sale
Many sales people go through an autopilot mode with prospects. They continue to focus on the answers to the questions they know. This typically happens when they tend to be stressed about their prospects and rely on what’s familiar to them.

One Pitch Works the Best
Unfortunately, there is no thumb rule to that perfect pitch. However if you must go with that one pitch then it has have answers to all questions the client might ask. By using different pitches we mean One word, the Question or the Long haul pitch. At Avenue Growth you can get trained on some of the most innovative techniques.


Not Answering to Questions Asked
This is the most common. The sales guy will want to check with his team/brand for answers. This means not only have they had a first bad impression; you’ve actually lessened chances of any possible closure. Be so prepared that when practicing, you cannot get it wrong.

No Follow-up
Imagine you’ve made a great pitch, the client has shown interest and perhaps he has put you on to their accounts/sales department for closure. The client has even set a date for closure and you’ve forgotten to call him. This indeed is a worst case scenario to end up to. Good sale gone wrong!
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