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4 Things Growth Specialist Do Well

  • By Admin
  • February 02, 2017

1. They are highly disciplined

“The first reality I hear across industries is their lack of a disciplined sales culture. Most of them struggle to keep their sales staff aligned resulting in shrinking of business and increasing business irrelevance.” says Rachit Mathur- Co-Founder & CEO Avenue Growth.

Business brings in unprecedented opportunities and the common thread is finding value between both. At Avenue Growth, the Growth Specialists is determined to deliver. We understand that coaching is the motivational key here. We have various meaningful modules helping them interact with our trainers.

Growth Specialists coached to their strength are 50 times likely to be engaged and deliver results. They know how, why and when of every opportunity. It’s almost like a detailed sales mapping done mentally. What gets measured gets delivered!

2. They always commit to learning

“We train our Growth Specialist to have an entrepreneurial approach towards sales.3 key things that we look at are their level of passion, ability to learn and openness with changing culture”– says Dilkash Rai Malhotra-Co-Founder & COO.

It’s important for each of our Growth Specialist to stay involved and motivated. “We use advance methods to achieve high level of results. It’s more to do with partnering”-reiterates Dilkash Rai Malhotra.

3. They have a Positive Attitude

90% of sales is mental, 10% is the product.

We all know that selling can be a tough business especially with a slowing economy. In times like these, sales people often tend to doubt their own abilities and this can get devastating. At Avenue Growth, we ensure that we don’t allow temporarily setbacks to define them.

Effective training is a key to their success. We are not talking of product training or being able to run a demo for clients. What we are talking of is a solid, in-depth, consultative strategies that define our Growth Specialists.

4. They set ‘Real’ goals

80% of companies set unrealistic kind of sales goals. This not only frustrates the employees, but makes them fear sales. At Avenue Growth we don’t control results-we only manage actions. Taking focus off results and putting it in activities makes all the difference.

Everyone you start a sales conversation with does not necessarily lead to sales. But putting in the right number of conversations in the pipeline can ensure right numbers of closed sales. Hence, just by increasing number of conversations with prospects can result in sales.

At Avenue Growth, our Growth Specialists are our Heros. Come and join us today https://app.avenuegrowth.com/freelance-login