Freelancers are Professionals with skills much in Demand

Avenue Growth helps you freelance the right way!

  • By Admin
  • September 26, 2019

The demand for freelancers has picked up pace over the past five years. India is the second-largest freelance market only after the US, according to reports.

Being a freelancer has its perks – First, you get to be your own boss and work in flexible hours while you also get more time to offer your skills to more than one project.

With more and more professionals moving out from full-time jobs and opting for freelance projects, it has become more imperative to set the right foot forward.

Why should you join Avenue Growth?

Avenue Growth is changing the face of the gig economy every day by bridging the gap between businesses & freelance professionals, it is further generating employment & helping them drive higher profits.

How is Avenue Growth beneficial for your freelance sales career?

Freelancing as a career in India has gone through a transition phase. From being an unexplored career option with very few people opting for it, to now becoming a major contributor to the economy, it seems that freelancing is the future.

Be your own boss: Set your hours work at your convenience!
Freelancing as a career option can be immensely rewarding. Avenue Growth connects you with various known brands looking to hire while allowing you the freedom to work according to your own convenience and earn more.

Discover incredible new opportunities: In a fast-growing economy like India, more and more working professionals take the road to a freelance career every day. The key here is that these professionals have skills that are diversified and unique to them. It becomes integral to provide a unified platform to match the right skills with the right opportunity. Avenue Growth works as an aggregator to pull out the top business opportunities for freelancers looking to parlay their skills and work with known brands.

Get the edge -According to the latest data, India is one of the largest freelancer markets, with over a million people opting to take the freelance route. This is one of the foremost reasons why it has become extremely important to have an edge over the others and work only with the best in the industry.

Time management is the key: Freelancers enjoy the freedom to work at their convenience and schedule, but, it only means that freelancers have to judiciously manage their time as they also get paid according to the number of hours of work they give to a certain project – whether it is submitting as assignment or closing a deal, you still have to work on deadlines. Thus, managing your time effectively is the key to driving the entire gig economy.

Optimize your time to monetize faster!
The freelance economy in India will only flourish in the not-so-distant future, according to experts. It is fast becoming the major contributor to the national GDP with over 1 million freelancers contributing to the national GDP. With the scale of opportunities growing this market is on the rise like never before! Avenue Growth has employed a large number of freelancers from all over the country and has succeeded to help both businesses and sales professionals prosper.