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  • April 23, 2020

Millions of Indians are now under stay-at-home mode as the Coronavirus has got the whole world under its grip leaving almost no country behind. Worldwide, more than 1.7 million COVID cases have been reported as of now. Countries including India are the hardest hit due to the strict social distancing norms enforced by the Government directing the public to stay indoors.

India like any other country has its concerns about the economy. We have no option left, but to follow orders to stay indoors. Moreover, to check the spread and flatten the curve, the Government has once again extended the lockdown.

Amid the various lockdown schedules, the scope of businesses and career prospects needs a reality check and some hard decisions are to be taken. One thought that might be revolving around in everyone’s mind is about the impact this lockdown has had on businesses and employment openings. Indeed concerns regarding “how to increase sales” and “how best to meet deadlines” due to this unexpected situation have become a top priority for companies apart from focusing on employee health & safety.

Avenue Growth has the solution!

With many health protocols to followed like Social distancing has added a good number of constraints in doing business as usual & the question that gets echoed is how will things unfold when we go back to our normal lives to focus on one’s professional demands which are the most affected aspect for career seekers.

As terrible as uncertainty is &given the current scenario, we may not be able to fully predict the turn of events. Entrepreneurs are hoping for an early revival &people are concerned about holding onto their career path and so all this makes it a chaotic situation for most of us.

This being the current situation for businesses yet we feel all is not lost if one thinks positively because we are here to support you and so it’s time to ease up. Despite the lockdown effects, we assure you to be the savior and sail you out.

Avenue Growth is the ideal platform that commits to recover the losses and ensure a profitable run for all our clients even during such challenging times. We have the solutions to your worries regarding sales that will help the business to function as usual.

Avenue Growth for businesses

In the middle of uncertainties, we at Avenue Growth are here to make your businesses experience an ocean of possibilities vis-à-vis ways to increase sales.Rest assured our operational best practices will not only help your business to get rid of losses but it will also make it profitable in no time.

Our Growth Specialists are well trained to meet your business requirements and offer the much need operational support for our esteemed clients. Our growth specialists provide business solutions to expand your venture by coming up with innovative ideas to scale up sales.

Deserving sales professionals are welcome, no matter what

Thus we call upon Sales professionals who are looking out for a good career break during the pandemic to join us. Avenue Growth provides Flexi work options that allow one to sit at home and work for clients. Our assignments help you to become competent professionals who are ready to enable organizations to expand as part of their growth journey and so we call them “Growth Specialists.”

So for all those people who need a better-earning opportunity, we not only offer good pay but we offer professional training as well to work with top brands.

This allows our Growth Specialists to get the required exposure and freedom to choose the brand they would like to work for.

So no more waiting Just sign up with Avenue Growth and see your career shoot up.

Avenue Growth is committed to our client’s business goals & works in the best interest of the industry as a whole.