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Only easy day was Yesterday

  • By Admin
  • March 01, 2017

Our everyday lives bring about new challenges both in professional & personal front, how we prepare and deal with it-makes all the difference.

While we are no life gurus-we can definitely help you in succeeding in your sales career by following these simple steps:


# Discipline

The most ignored rule-Be on time, cleanly dressed and polish that attitude before you go. Arriving 15 minutes early can help you of not having arrived on time most of the times.

#Being Thoroughly Prepared

If you do not know where you are going, chances are you will get nowhere.

At the least, 3 types of pitches should be prepared before a meeting. What we mean; thoroughly prepared. Customers don’t care what you say, it is what they believe. So anticipating what would suit a particular customer is more prudent than saying what you know. Be convinced about the product/service that you are selling and chances are everything else falling in place.

# Meeting Agenda

Set an agenda mentally before the meeting. a) The pitch b) The presentation c) The closure. During the warm-up talk, try anticipating what pitch has to be used. Usually, 2 kinds of presentations should be made. A short one for the customer ‘who knows it all’ and a detailed one for the customer ‘who is willing to understand the complete offering’. Having a Q&A after the presentation is the most important part that helps you understand what is the next lever required to have this sales closed. Lastly, the closure should have affirmed dates/people assigned for next steps.

# Post sales & Follow-up

A good sales means a complete hand holding of the client till the digital/physical deliver takes place. If there is no follow-up post a meeting, chances are that either the customer thinks that you are not interested in pursuing or the product/service is not worth the time and money. It’s important to close a sale or then move on to next prospect. This would save a lot of effort and your precious time.