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How freelance is going be the next big in 2021

  • By Admin
  • February 17, 2021

2021 has been inaugurated and welcomed with zest and enthusiasm. Of course, when the preceding year was 2020, then this enthusiasm will be coupled with many new experiences. These experiences will surely help you in every vertical of life, especially in your professional life. This is because how businesses and working professionals have handled the pandemic’s unexpected results has given them many tricks and hacks for their future growth. One among them is switching to the freelance economy.

When it comes to the businesses, the pandemic has introduced many new ways to grow your business and one of the most cherished among them is switching to an on-demand workforce. Experts from every corner of the world have predicted that from 2021, many people will go for freelance earning. Not only the workers but businesses are also preferring on-demand workforce for their projects because hiring as per the project requirements is economical and the part of new normal.

The gig workforce is the best way for businesses to fill an occasional gap in staffing. It is because when they hire gig workers, they need to pay only for the gig task that these workers do. With platforms like Avenue Growth, hiring the gig workers has become very easy and simple, which helps companies save the overhead hiring cost. The freelance industry is already experiencing higher patronage and this industry after surviving the pandemic is not going to face any upheaval in the near future. The fast 50 reports found that freelancing work openings jumped by 25% from April to June 2020, and compared with the same time period in 2019, open freelance positions jumped by 41%. These figures supporting the freelance boom are enough to underline the importance of the freelance industry in ongoing and coming times.

Freelancing is no more perceived as an unstable career because the tough times of 2020 have unveiled the importance of freelancers and their on-demand work. Therefore, it will be no surprise to witness that more number of people will be opting for freelance work opportunities to increase their income and attain stability in life. The report from MBO Partners found that one in five freelancers earns over $100,000 per year. And as more individuals who continue to upgrade their skills and have highly-specialized skilled sets switch to freelancing, the prices attached to their services will continue to increase. Thus, when your income and flexibility are growing, those full-time roles naturally appear boring and tedious.

The growing number of on-demand business growth platforms is the best indicator signalling towards the growth in the freelance economy. The platforms like Avenue Growth make it easier for businesses to find the right growth specialist for their projects, hire them with ease, and help them to manage their activities efficiently. On the other hand, the platform also helps freelancers find the right work that matches their skillset and allows them to earn what they deserve. Recently, Forbes India, after analyzing the pivotal role of these growth platforms in raising the graph of the freelance economy, featured the Avenue Growth and appreciated their excellent work. This speaks a lot about the growing significance of the freelance industry.


The silver lining behind the clouds of the 2020 pandemic was unveiled by making the world realize the importance of the freelance economy. The worth of on-demand work has been cherished both by the employees and employers. Therefore, it will be no surprise to witness the more number of businesses hiring on-demand workforce for their projects and more employees switching to on-demand work in 2021.