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Outsourced Sales Management: An Investment and not an option

  • By Admin
  • November 13, 2019

Loyal Customers should be treated like royalty.

What is the aim of the business? For commercial business, it is definitely income. There can be many sources of income for a business but the main and direct income of a business includes income generated from sales of products or services. Thus, it is very important for a business to manage its sales effectively so that it does not fall behind its competitors. In this era of growing competition and modernization, many businesses are adopting for a smart and long-term solution i.e. Outsourced Sales Management. For some it may be a new concept but this is what growing business firms are adopting these days. Outsourced sales management means having a third party (company) as a sales force for our business. It is certainly different from reselling and distribution kind of activities because the sales outsourcing firm not just invest in the sales model but even shares the risk of all sales results. Thus, accountability is the key aspect here.


Customer is the king in today’s market. A loyal and happy customer can help you build a strong and large customer base but a dissatisfied customer can lead to decline in your revenue. But what makes the customer happy or unhappy? Sometimes this is the only question, answer to which the companies can figure out and eventually fail. A customer is happy when he feels he got the product or service he needed or wanted and the utility arrived by using the product or acquiring the service is equals to or more than the money paid by him. ‘Worth’ is the word customers use while comparing the product / service with its market value. If a customer gets the customized service from the selling firm, it is the cherry on the cake. Customized service makes the customer feel special. Same way if the customer does not like the product or a service, he will not be afraid of giving negative reviews which in turn can confuse the prospective customers that whether they should buy your product & services or not. A successful firm is the one who turns the negative reviews into their improvements and modifications. There are many things which are related to generation of revenue such as designing the successful sales model, having tools to increase sales, managing the stock during discounts and offer, restocking and unstocking the product and many more practices.


It will be a smart move by the companies to invest in Outsourced Sales management because the third party who is specifically involved in this business consists of the team of experts who can boost our sales in comparatively less time with less efforts involved on our part. There are many reasons and benefits which are unknown to the people involved in the corporate and commercial world. It can also prove to be an economic practice because now the company do not need to buy the tools and other softwares for marketing and increasing sales which were otherwise expensive also. There is no need to train the existing workforce to use the new tools and softwares thus, saving the cost of training and related programs. A sales outsourcing firm is there with us from the start to end of the process i.e. right from the creation of sales model to marketing and marketing to providing customer support. They are not just the value-added partners but have the share in the risks and this is what makes the concept of Outsourced Sales management a creative and attractive concept. Outsourced Sales management firms acts as a sales force not just for one company but for many companies. They have vast network and social contacts which is an advantage for any business firm. Thus, joining hands with outsource sales management firm can lead to the access of new markets and clients which were earlier unknown or not reachable by us. Their relationships with their old and loyal clients in their network can always be useful to us. When a business firm or company wants to introduce a new product or model, they can implement it easily without disturbing the current line or product. It will also not disturb the existing team / workforce from their area of expertise and they can continue to prosper in that line.


If the company is opting for Outsourced sales management, they are adding a layer in the game making it more worth to play. It is an investment if done after proper analysis and planning so that the business can flourish in the long term. Many companies were forced to take exit from their market because of their old sales model. Thus, all companies need to challenge their practices once in a while so that they stand ahead from their competitors and are updated regarding latest business practices, sales and marketing tools, latest trends and preferences of customers and related areas. There comes the conclusion that Outsourced sales management is an investment which can help to stay in the game of business.