Presentations should speak your mind not that is in print

Presentation is not an afterthought, it’s the guiding thought

  • By Admin
  • March 14, 2017

The most important element during a presentation is you.

You are the one that the audience is concentrating on. You convey who you are based on your body language, your speech, and your overall mannerism.

Every gesture, movement, or even a facial expression you use reflects your personality. So it is important for you to know which gestures or movements you usually do and what should be avoided.

However, the most important thing is for you to feel comfortable during a presentation because it is then that you can perform at your best.

Here, let us explain.

Imagine sitting in a room full of people and the first slide reads slide 1 of 65, each slide carries plenty of text | graphs | pie-charts and the speaker looks at his laptop and reads it through. The same text however appears on the presentation. These are what classrooms are made-up off and not presentation.

An effective presentation is not reading verbatim from the PPT. This would have been a traditional method of yesteryears, but not anymore.

Here are some pointers in having a meaningful and engaging presentation:


1- Don’t over– do. As research suggests, a human has an attention span of nine seconds. This means that for each topic, you need to grab his attention and further retain his interest, keeping your agenda in view. This again means that the maximum number of slides should be not more than 9.

2- Matter– Don’t put everything what you want to say on the slide. Just put pointers- talk through, so that both parties can have equal engagement.

3- Demos– Keep a separate time, at end of your presentation for a detailed demonstration if required.

4- Have a Back-Up-Power cuts | Laptop not connecting | Projector not working are common problems that need to be estimated beforehand. Always a good idea to hand-carry all your slides as a printout. This will help you make a presentation nevertheless.

5- Rehearse- Rehearse-Rehearse.

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