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Why freelance sales people are more convenient than your own team?

  • By Admin
  • January 30, 2020

Living on edge is surely a gutsy task, if you do so, remember to keep your arsenal full of trump cards.

Freelancers are such a varied species, that they seem to be the go-to choice in a lot of domains now.

If you see, the concept of Freelancers actually goes way beyond times. Started in somewhat 1800’s Freelancers were more or less were termed as ‘medieval mercenaries’. Now even though the times have changed, the term remains quite similar – corporate mercenaries.

Roles to haven’t changed much in the sense that Freelancers were always considered professionals who were hired to do very specific tasks. Then came the era of industrialization and economic crisis and what not when people started looking for more stable jobs rather than trying out their hands at freelancing.

Now, we can again see the culture of Freelancers getting pace with the technological advances and digitalization getting a major buzz all around the globe.

Though every domain has a potency to be filled in by a professional Freelancer, excluding some quite obvious ones (Boss), Freelance Salespeople has emerged as a rather new and lucrative domain.

Why Freelance Salesperson you ask?

Definition of Sales may not have changed, but the means of doing it has undoubtedly changed.

The plunge from having a dedicated sales team to carry out the task, to the ease of hiring task-specific Freelancers who are perfectly capable of getting the desired result in the timeframe set for them, the transition is getting on a high pace now!

The level of flexibility Freelance Sales People provides to a company has definitely steered the mentality of major organizations to opt for more Freelancers than your regular team members.

There are not one but several reasons as to why this change is becoming more dominant than ever:-

Freelancers are extremely strict on deadline, an attribute that lacks majorly in your traditional hired employees. This is very critical for any organization to get the Sales done right on time. It is convenient to set up deadlines with Freelancers, and the clause usually mentioned beforehand; if the project not delivered on time will not be liable to pay — a win in every circumstance for the organization that makes Freelancers a go-to choice in the scenario.

Freelancers are supposed to be the subject matter expert in whatever they do. Their previous work speaks for their credibility and the reason they are hired for the job. On the other hand, the hired employees seldom go through training before being able to go out in the market and start selling.

Freelancers, as a community, are based entirely on how they perform. Setting up unrealistic expectations with clients is something not a lot of Freelancers do. While we often see we do such to get in the good books of the Manager/Boss.

The flexibility we were talking about before is the testament of how Freelancers can easily fit in the budget, be it small or big. If the work is for a temporary period, it makes more sense for the clients to hire a Freelancer rather than a bunch of permanent employees and go through the process of hiring them.

The variable payment structure is another factor Freelance Salespeople are convenient to hire by Startups and big firms both. Fixed pay, EMI options, commission-based payment scheme gives convenience to get the task done with the resources available to the firm hiring.

Grow with the Right People

Growth is what everyone aiming at; parameters may be different, the end result may be different, but the idea of growth remains constant. Freelance Sales People aim their growth in terms of the higher pay scale, creating more value for clients with their work and to capitalize on the increasing demand for Sales professionals in this extremely competitive domain to get a better client base.

The same goes for the firms that are looking to upscale their Sales team by bringing in the expertise of someone who knows what needs to be done to get the sales targets and gets it done in style.

While surplus Freelancers and Firms are looking to take advantage of each other’s services, what is lacking here is a base for both parties to get acquainted with each other and find the perfect fit as per the needs and demands of their work style.

That’s where Avenue Growth comes in. Avenue Growth has established itself as a premium supplier of everything that is needed to set up a winning Sales team. Eliminating the tiring process of hiring and building an excellent sales team is a tiresome job, and we understand it and precisely the reason why we believe in giving command of Sales in the hands of professionals (Freelance Salespeople).

Avenue Growth is also the leading employer of Freelance Salespersons in the Market, making it inevitable for any Firm looking to outsource their Sales operations, to not join hands with Avenue Growth.

With this in mind, the task at hand is too big to get distracted. Freelancers to be seen as the ‘masters’ of their niche is a dream not that far away and with our continued efforts we are getting closer to it day-by-day.