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Avenue Growth is a platform that leading brands use to grow at new markets and acquire new customers. It is an on-demand, feet on ground sales platform that brands use to increase presence in certain geographies and increase sales. We look for talented people that after an application and training process become growth specialist, helping the brands we represent with their growth targets.

Avenue Growth offers an opportunity to work according to your wants and needs – work the way you want to. Our solution is suitable both for full time work and part time work. Previous work experience is beneficial but not needed as long as you have passion and motivation to learn.

Being a Growth Specialist for Avenue Growth is something unique for everyone;
People are joining Avenue Growth for:

  • the freedom to work where and when they want
  • financial growth
  • opportunity to work with top Indian and Global brands
  • professional growth

STEP #1 – SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION-Tell us who you are in a few simple steps. What’s your name, where are you from, what’s your experience, and where do you want to go?

STEP #2 – GO THROUGH OUR INTERACTIVE TRAINING- After your application has been approved you will get access to our interactive training where you will learn everything about how to be a successful Growth Specialist.

STEP #3 – GET CERTIFIED- When you’re done with the interactive training you will be interviewed by a coach, where you will get some basic advice before you get started.

STEP #4 – START WORKING- Get to know the brands that you will represent, learn the features of their products and services, discover places to go – and start your first day as a Growth Specialist. And the best part-you are your own Boss !

No, there are no costs involved in becoming and being a Growth Specialist for Avenue Growth.

There are no commitments involved in regards to how much you work or how long you are involved. It is work fully at your terms.

Avenue Growth works with a wide range of leading Indian and Global Brands. You will be presented with the brands that you can represent after you have passed our training, and as you become more experienced you will be able to represent a wider selection of brands.

You will get direct pay out to your local bank account.

No, you will represent Avenue Growth as a Growth Specialist on a freelance basis.

We provide Vendor on-boarding, Audits/ Surveys, Customer reactivation, B2C Customer Acquisition, Offline Branding activities and sales for a product or service.

Sales-as-a-service means making sales through our network of Growth Specialist (Freelancers) on a freelance basis, i.e without hiring feet on street sales force.

a) Agriculture
b) Auto Components
c) Automobiles
d) Banking
e) Beauty & Wellness
f) Consumer Durables
g) e-Commerce
h) Education and Training
i) Exporters and Importers
j) Financial Services
l) Food and Beverages
m) Gems and Jewellery
n) Health and Fitness
o) Healthcare
p) Insurance
q) IT & ITES
r) Logistics
s) Manufacturing
t) Media and Entertainment
u) Pharmaceuticals
v) Renewable Energy
w) Retail
x) Service Providers
y) Telecommunications
z) Textiles
aa) Tourism and Hospitality

You can list any projects that requires an outcome, be it Audits / survey, on-boarding, Customer re-activation, Offline branding activities or sales.

Currently we are live in over 550 locations in India.

Avenue Growth is a provider of freelance trained sales professionals that work on a success fee model. We provide scale to sales.

We represent many leading brands both, nationally & internationally.

We have over 12,500 Growth Specialists in over 550 locations in India.

All our Growth Specialists have a minimum of 1 year of experience in sales from their respective industries. There are no freshers.

With our proprietary training process, we use all modern methods backed by experts in every domain.

You train our Growth Leaders who further train our Growth Specialists

We have our team managing the Growth Specialists as they require constant touch.

This depends on the project, usually NDA is signed by Avenue Growth on case to case basis.

No. We have a strict policy around this and we do not provide this service.

This depends on how lucrative is your project. Usually, it is recommended to have a higher pay out-attracting more Growth Specialists willing to work on your project.

We have stringent qualifications in place in getting only the best sales people for your brand.

We do not have that service as of now.

Yes, provided you are based out of Delhi NCR.

Our screening round, our platform will ensure that.

Growth Specialists start applying on your project and we start shortlisting/training them.

48 hours post payment & after our internal review.

Usually, brand will share a direct link for such payments.

We do not offer exclusivity.

Yes, you can send it to Avenue Growth and will deliver to our Growth Specialists

After payment is made, we will send you the link where you can upload all your training materials in PPT/Word/Excel/PDF formats.

Yes, extra charges apply. Kindly send us mail on [email protected]

Not currently, however static views are available with the business team.

Depending upon the scale of the project, it may vary and can take up-to 120 days.


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